Myles is always a brilliant actor. I felt the pain of both the loss and the frustration with the speech impediment. Very beautiful film."

[re: "Remember To Breathe In The Dark" short film]


-T. Briscoe via YouTube 

“Powerful acting!"​

[re: "Remember To Breathe In The Dark" short film]


-L. Chestnut via YouTube 

Your performance was so Genuine and Honest...Beautiful work"​

[re: "Remember To Breathe In The Dark" short film]


-K. Hayward 

Myles Grier as MIKE COLE


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Myles Grier is an American actor, and producer of Nigerian descent. He is most known for his performances in his Award-Winning short film 'Remember To Breathe In The Dark', NBC's Game of Silence, and FOX's Lethal Weapon.


Myles Grier is a film, television and stage actor with a diverse and eclectic background spanning the arts. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Myles began acting on stage at age 11. After graduating from Atlanta’s top performing arts high school, DeKalb School of the Arts, his experience continued into commercials, independent films, as well as visual arts and film production. Since relocating to Los Angeles in 2012, Myles has broadened his horizons with guest appearances on primetime television, including Freeform's The Fosters, FOX's Lethal Weapon, NBC's Game of Silence, ABC's Agent Carter, NBC's Aquarius, and more. 


Also a Creative Producer, Myles honed his creative and executive skillset while assisting Academy Award nominated producer Lee Daniels day-to-day in 2018. Now, as the Executive Creative Director / Producer under the production house, The Artistic Standard, Grier gets to passionately create stories for film, television, and digital. His debut short film 'Remember To Breathe In The Dark' premiering early 2020 has quickly been making an impact, getting licensed by digital streamers and entered the film festival circuit, winning and nominating Grier Best Male Performance Awards for his vulnerable performance as Mike Cole in the short film he also penned, directed and produced.

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Award-Winning for Best Male Performance

Nominated for Outstanding Dramatic Actor (Short)

Director Statement:

'Remember To Breathe In The Dark' was inspired by personal experiences, but the story and struggle is far from what I actually went through. It's very intentional with how personal it feels, like you're peeking into the privacy of a Young man in a dark place. I dedicated this piece to my late father, to anyone who has lost a parent or loved one and those with speech impediments. This process became sort of like therapy for me, having a space to express my internal feelings about parental death. I hope this film remind's someone in any dark moment, to focus on the light.

Watch Here (14:12 minutes):

Producer, Writer, Director & Starring: Myles Grier

Executive Producer: Geno Brooks

DP: Mark Haynes

Composer: Chris Dudley